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As a professional hotel management and consultant company, we adhere to taking hotel operation as core, providing consulting service in the whole value chain (investment, development, design, construction, pre-opening and management), creating hotel products adaptable to market and providing maximize investment returns for clients.

The company has three hotel brands, i.e., delicate five-star business hotel “Grand Skylight International”, boutique four-star business hotel “Grand Skylight” and new concept designed hotel “Skytel”, from “selected service” to “full service”, striving to provide customers with products and service exceeding their expectations.

  • 1. Earlier-stage technical consulting service
  1. Market research and feasibility analysis

Analyze macro-environment, industry performance and project conditions, combine middle-long term operating income and asset appreciation space of the project to propose scientific and rational product positioning, functional planning, operation suggestions and financial projection.

  1. Construction technology consulting

Provide technical consulting service in hotel design, construction, renovation, decoration and construction, ensure rational and effective functional planning, building design and interior design, reduce investment, and lay a solid foundation for hotel operation, which is benefit for hotel assets hedge and appreciation. If necessary, professional team can be sent to site during decoration and construction to assist Party A for site management.

  1. Pre-opening

The company will appoint experts to provide all-round professional advice for pre-opening according to the project requirements.
Pre-opening work plan;
Acceptance of pre-opening work;
Facilities and materials purchase plan and implementation;
Marketing plan;
staff recruitment and training;
Assistance in detailed pre-opening work

  • 2. Hotel operation and management service
  1. Entrusted management

Realize maximum operating profit for clients with high-quality service. Appoint professional operation and management team for entrusted hotel management and charge management fee according to operating performance.

Term of cooperation: 8-10 years.

  1. Operation and management consulting

For hotels under operation, appoint expert team for field research, presenting diagnostic analysis and proposal for operation, making regular return visit and guidance, and sharing procurement and training resources of the Group, to improve operating performance of the hotels.Provide the following services as required:

Operation diagnosis, regular return visit;

Adjustment and implementation of marketing strategy;

Sharing purchasing platform of the Group;

Sharing central reservation system;

Sharing promotion channels of the group;

Training course;

Secret investigation service;

Adjustment of organizational structure and personal recruitment;

Proposal and implementation on project inspection, renovation and upgrading

  • 3.Other deep cooperation mode:

For projects meeting brand positioning requirements, located in flourishing region of first-tier cities or downtowns of second or third-tier cities, with good market expectations, flexible and deep cooperation mode, such as lease or partial investment, can be adopted, to bring consistent return for clients and appreciation potential for property.

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