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To build domestic first-class national hotels and hotel management company up to the international standard.
We strives to be first-class not only in scale, but in quality service, management and brand image so that we can keep pace with international first-class companies. "Being national" has two meanings. Firstly we are Chinese company and secondly we implant Chinese elements into the making of our company image that can reflect Chinese culture. "Being up to the international standard" means we will borrow successful experiences in operation modes, marketing, customer management, HR and operation management from international hotel management companies to make us a company with differentiation competition advantages over competitors. Learning from international hotel groups will help us with building our own hotel brand while owning domestic first-class national hotels will improve our competitiveness and step up expansion of our brand hotels and management output. The two are complementary to each other.

Outstanding Service, Creating Happiness.
Each enterprise is born with the mission to develop career, increase profits and realize value. What is the meaning of realizing value at Grand Skylight Hotel? That is to make people happy. We provide outstanding service for customers. If they are happy, we are happy. To satisfy customers brings profits to our hotel, hotel property owners and shareholders as well. We are happy if shareholders and hotel property owners are happy. The happy shareholders and owners will trust us and insist long-term investment in our hotels. In that case, we will be able to provide more jobs and opportunities to employees to realize their own value. We can also raise salaries and improve welfare treatment. We are happy if employees are happy. If a company makes all sides happy, it contributes to building a harmonious society. That explains why we stick to the mission of "Outstanding Service, Creating Happiness.

Core Values
Harmony and ambitious.
Everything is for the people and counts on people. We exist because customers need us. We strive to design and provide service products that can satisfy and exceed customer expectations by serving with heart. Being harmonious is happy and powerful. We are aimed at creating a harmonious company by caring for employees and making them feel at home, and making progress with our partners to achieve a win-win for both sides, and repaying the society.

Attitude determines action,and ambition creates success. We pay attention to changes of national and global political environment, respond fast, and advance with time. We insist on study and innovation, and are firm in making progress. Open and tolerant, we consolidate resources, improve our self-value and are optimistic about work and life, and push ourselves forward.

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