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Grand Skylight International Hotel Nanchang held “The Most Beautiful Goddess” Makeup Contest

Time:2017/4/19 Correspondent:Jiang Yue From:Grand Skylight International Hotel Nanchang

On April 19th, 2017, 14:30 pm, Grand Skylight International Hotel Nanchang held the 2nd “The Most Beautiful Goddess” Makeup Contest at No. 3 Hall on the 4th floor. The activity is mainly aimed to improve the overall appearance and brand image of the hotel by enhancing the makeup skills and interest of female staff, and lay a foundation for operation work. The contest had contestants from six departments, with 8 teams divided, 2 persons per team, and started in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. After more than 2 hours’ fierce competition, Yuan Xiaojian from Housekeeping Department, Zhu Yalin from catering department and Huang Tingting from Finance Department respectively took the first, second and third place.

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