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Legal Statement

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1. The content and information on this site (Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd.) is the assets of Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. Downloading, reproduction and communication of Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. for commercial or non-personal purposes or illegal purposes is strictly forbidden.

2. The website of Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. may contain brand, patent, copyright material, business secret, technique, product, process or other proprietary of Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. and our partners. You are not granted with any permission or right.

3. You should agree not to use any equipment, software or other tools to interfere or try to interfere with the normal operation of the website, nor should you take any measures to render improper or impropriate heavy load to our network. Meanwhile, you should also agree that no machine or automatic programs, or manual process will be used to monitor or reproduce our web pages or content contained therein without prior permission from Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. (Related permission has been provided to standard retrieving technologies used by online search engines to guide normal access to our website.

4. You are allowed to access some limited content (access password) with user name, password, or other coding or equipment. The content contained in the restricted part are confidential, and should be only used by you. If the third-party with your permission use related access password to interfere our operation, or harm our commercial profits or engender other practical damages, we reserve the right to veto the right of the third-party using the password.

5. All information of Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. is provided on an as-is basis with no express or implied warranty, including but not limited to marketability, fitness for specific application or non-infringement. The implied warranty may not be valid in some jurisdiction; therefore, related warranty may not be available.

6. Any communication from you to Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd., including but not limited to response, question, suggestion, advice: : (a) is non-confidential; Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. does not have an obligation to protect the communication from disclosure;(b) unless otherwise expressed, Grand Skylight may re-produce, use, disclose or distribute the information without restriction; (c) unless otherwise forbidden by applicable laws, Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. may take advantage of any idea, concept, knowledge, content or technology contained in your communication for any proper purposes, including but not limited to the design, development and promotion of related products and services.

7. Incorrect information or printing mistakes may be included in the information of Catic Hotel Management Co,Ltd. We reserve the right to modify, correct and or improve information, as well as related products and programs.

8. When you leave this site to other non-ATRAVIS websites via the links on ATRAVIS website, including ad links, ATRAVIS is not liable to the privacy policy or cookies of those sites. In addition, as ATRAVIS has no authority over related websites and resources, you are informed that Grand Skylight is not responsible for the availability of these sites and their resources, nor do Grand Skylight agree with or assume any liability with any content, ad, products or other materials.

9.This is a website in China, which is governed by laws of China. As is required by laws, or the activity will help to investigate or protect the customers, visitors, partners or asset (including this website) or other parties from being harmed, ATRAVIS may, even without your permission, disclose any information concerning the use of this website, including your PID information.

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